What to do if your identity is stolen: Steps to take

Identity theft happens when fraudsters use stolen personal information for their own gain. These thieves may open up new lines of credit, withdraw money from your current accounts or get your tax refund, among a myriad of other scams. Realizing you’re the victim of identity theft can be a scary, frustrating and isolating experience. If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, it’s important to act quickly to protect your data identity.

Below are some common signs of identity theft and steps to get you on the path to recovery:

Signs of identity theft

Persistent thieves may use a variety of tactics to steal your identity. A common one is getting you to unsuspectingly reveal personal information by using phishing scams. Additionally, fraudsters may take  physical documents like bank or credit card statements or lost passports and Social Security cards.

Signs of fraud go beyond just unfamiliar charges on your credit cards. Though that is a telling sign of identity theft, you should also look out for suspicious activity on your credit report. This can include changes to your personal information you don’t recognize. Sudden suspicious mail for services you didn’t receive should raise alarm bells as well. They may be for accounts opened by fraudsters in your name.


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