What to look for in a credit union marketing agency

Not every credit union has the resources for a full-time marketing staff. In fact, you may only have enough for a Marketing VP or Marketing Manager. But one person can’t produce the amount of marketing material, social media posts and website updates necessary to stay relevant in the current environment. They can try, but they’ll quickly burn out.

A good credit union marketing agency solves this problem. For a lower cost than a full-time employee, you get a team of experts ready to help you succeed!

But how do you know if you’re partnering with the right people? Here are some traits to look for in your credit union marketing agency.

The agency provides excellent value

It’s important to note that “value” does not mean “cheapest.” It means you are getting incredible work for the price you pay. Your investment won’t be low (great work will cost you), but the price shouldn’t bankrupt you either.


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