What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

As any parent will tell you, a baby’s name is important. And the process might be…long, to say the least. The parents make lists, have disagreements and after much exploration and compromising, name the baby.

Well, your credit union or community bank might very well feel like your own baby. And as your baby, you want it to have the right name. Yes, you heard me – the right name.

Your credit union or community bank’s name has a meaning vital to your success, so you better make sure it has the right elements. Let’s go over three of these elements to get you started.

1. Your Name is Easy to Say

This one seems obvious but poses problems for institutions chartered long ago. What do I mean? Here’s an example. Your credit union started with city employees, so your name is something like “Made Up City Employees Credit Union” or “MUCECU.”


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