What’s the Cupid’s arrow in your credit union marketing?

You’ve seen it in many a cartoon…someone is struck by Cupid’s arrow, and then they’re struck by love. Well, infatuation is a more accurate term. The character hit by the arrow simply can’t resist the object of his or her affection.

Few leaders can say consumers are infatuated with their community bank or credit union marketing. That’s a shame too, because (believe it or not) it’s completely possible!

Take a look at these five “Cupid’s arrows” to increase consumers’ love of your community bank or credit union marketing:

  • Have a Fun Personality – People love to party. People love to have fun. Does your community bank or credit union marketing give them a chance to do that? It needs to! And no one is “too boring” for this to work. Blackstone (an asset management firm) has fun marketing that shows this business is anything but mundane. So, have a sense of humor in your marketing. Give into the quirkiness sometimes. Offer someone an escape from all those other dull places.


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