What’s the next big idea? INV Fintech helps startups, financial services accelerate innovation

As the pace of change and innovation advances faster than ever, taking big ideas from concept to delivery is still fraught with friction in financial services. For entrepreneurial startups, managing compliance and breaking into established markets is prohibitive, and most financial institutions aren’t built to make bets on internal projects that may never see the light of day.

Matching these two interests is the goal of the INV Fintech Accelerator. The program helps nurture fintech startups with funding, talent and potential, and connects them with an ecosystem of financial institutions that are in constant search of innovations to drive new experiences and value for customers.

INV Fintech has attracted big names in financial services, including lead partner Fiserv, and 11 financial institutions based in the U.S. and globally. The team includes venture capitalists, technologists and financial services experts, who offer mentoring, support and connections to the companies. Now accepting invitations for its sixth class, INV has accelerated 36 companies, including in areas such as financial advice, chatbots and secure payments.


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