Why are some brands higher functioning than others?

One thing all high functioning brands have in common regardless of industry or audience, is that their brand is NOT based on a set of design rules, logos, colors, or creative alone. Their leaders have transcended the minutiae of marketing’s “rules” to follow, to think more holistically about their brand – and specially one that understands their audiences very well.

Instead of being stuck in seeing their brand as a set of checking boxes, their brand is continuously evolving and improving – just as technology, social issues and people’s lives are adapting – it is not “set and forget.” They view their brand as something larger than the design alone. Something that helps set their north star: for decision making across the organization, and in helping guide every area of the business.

High functioning brands are clearly defined with a strategy, a shared promise, a well-defined personality, and an inspiring driving purpose. It isn’t owned by one department, but is widely known, shared and trained from the CEO down to the frontline teller.

Every employee is keenly aware how important guarding and living out the brand is to their success. They know that their culture and alignment with people who love the brand and their community, is as important to the effectiveness of the brand as any piece of creative. Sometimes that includes taking risks that make leaders feel uncomfortable, if you hope to stand out for something authentic and important.


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