Why banking needs to embrace radical change in turbulent times

Q&A: Brett King, co-founder of pioneer neobank Moven and author, argues that if traditional banks are to survive and prosper in the next decade, they must become the prime movers of innovation, driven by courage and guided by humanistic values.

Turbulent times loom as crises crescendo at home and abroad. Yet turbulence can catalyze positive change, too, when harnessed effectively.

Brett King — renowned futurist, co-founder of Moven, and author of breakout books like “Bank 4.0” — helps financial leaders across 200 countries navigate this volatility by illuminating the frontier technologies and frameworks reinventing the industry.

In the following discussion with Jim Marous, founder and chief executive of the Digital Banking Report, King unpacks critical forces disrupting the industry today. The potential impact of technologies, such as AI assistants and ambient computing, highlights the scale of strategic and cultural metamorphosis required for institutions to match consumer expectations and harness technological progress in the coming decade.


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