Why banks & credit unions are fans of naming-rights deals with colleges

Financial institutions are always looking for new ways to distinguish their brands, boost name recognition, and attract Gen Z customers. With the naming rights to a college stadium, they can do all that and more. One Texas credit union jumped at the chance to get its brand in front of thousands of UNT fans as the football season began. Here's a look at the benefits it'll get, with some advice for others interested in pursuing a naming-rights deal. And check out our list of the banks and credit unions with their names on college sports facilities (there are more than you think).

In early January, Melanie Vest was scrolling through the local news on her phone when she came across an item she just had to share right away. The company with the naming rights to the football stadium at the University of North Texas had decided to let its agreement with the school lapse.

Vest, the president of the Denton, Texas-based credit union DATCU, immediately took a screenshot of the story and texted it to Glen McKenzie, DATCU’s chief executive officer.

“What? You want to do a partnership with UNT?” McKenzie wrote back.

“Well, DATCU Stadium sure has a nice ring to it,” Vest replied.


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