Why did my credit score drop for no reason?

Your credit score is calculated based off the information in your credit report. To create your credit score, the information is broken down into different categories or factors. These factors may be weighed differently based on their importance. For instance, your payment history and utilization tend to carry the most weight in calculating your score.

When information is updated in your credit report, your score may change as well. By how much depends on the nature of the updated information. Because information in your credit reports may be updated frequently, changes that cause your score to fluctuate may not be obvious.

There are also different scoring companies that provide credit scores and they have their own models. It’s common to see differences in scores from one model to the next. That said, if you see a big drop in your score, it’s usually triggered by something specific.

The important thing to know is that credit scores don’t change for anyreason. Changes in your credit report hold the key. Below are some common reasons why your credit score might have dropped:


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