Why direct mail still matters in the digital age

Believe it or not, because of digital saturation, Millennials and Gen Z may be more open to direct marketing than financial marketers may realize. And, thanks to improved modeling techniques and new printing technology, direct mail can be highly targeted and personalized.

Yes, it may seem odd in an age of SEO and retargeting to be talking about mail — the kind you can touch. Yet direct mail at the ripe old age of 170 remains a consistent performer for acquiring and maintaining relationships with consumers. It shouldn’t be overlooked, even as banks and credit unions increasingly use digital marketing channels.

In fact, by applying the four recommendations described below, the relevancy of direct mail will continue to improve for financial marketers. Used together, they will advance your ability to reach key audiences, connect with them through one-to-one personalized experiences, and reduce print production times.

1. Focus on Key Audiences

Millennials, Gen Z and women are key target audiences for any financial marketer’s strategic plan. Millennials currently make up 30% of the population, according to Brookings, and those in Generation Z represent 32%, Bloomberg calculates. Together these larger cohorts comprise nearly two-thirds of the population, are digital natives, and are digitally connected. Logically this should make them prime targets for digital advertising, right? Actually they are the most likely to avoid digital advertising.


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