Why eChecks are the new way to pay your business bills

You may have heard about the latest innovation in the world of electronic payments but do you really understand how they work and how they can benefit your business?

To answer these questions and provide a more in-depth look at eChecks and the electronic-payment space as a whole, Deluxe recently hosted a webinar featuring Chris Clausen, the company’s Director of Payments & Transactional Solutions.

His presentation, eChecks: The New Way to Pay Your Business Bills, made a number of interesting points regarding how eChecks provide businesses new opportunities for efficiency and cost savings, and how they offer capabilities other forms of electronic payments can’t match.

Here is a brief look at some of what was discussed and the questions answered:

What is an eCheck?

The first thing to remember about an eCheck is that it’s still a check. There is a physical version of a check that is created, but the recipient does so on their printer. Instead of emailing a check, a link is sent via email that allows the recipient to retrieve the check and print it.

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