Why marketers need to rationalize and aggregate their martech stacks in 2024

As industry competition intensifies and consumers grow more fickle, bank marketers must upgrade and refine their marketing technologies to keep pace. At the same time, the sheer volume of available martech solutions is becoming overwhelming. How can modern marketers find, assemble and deploy the tools that they need among (literally) thousands of options?

The reportMartech for 2024 [December 2023]

Source: Chiefmarctech blog, MartechTribe

Why we picked it: Martech for 2024 is published by MartechTribe, a martech research and benchmarking company, and Scott Brinker’s marketing technology blog chiefmartec, which is best known for its annual and definitive (if almost indecipherable) martech vendor landscape.

We hoped that, from their authoritative vantage point, they could help deliver some clarity on the confused and confusing martech options available.


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