Why more banks and credit unions are using environmental graphics in branches

Environmental graphic design is a retail trend that has gained a lot more momentum in the banking industry in recent years. There are a growing number of banks and credit unions that have incorporated this approach into branches across the country. Designers say it’s a way to create an environment that feels warm, welcoming, and even delightful for customers and employees.

What can make a bank branch feel creative and innovative in the digital age?

Kevin Brouillette would argue it comes down to environmental graphics, which he considers to be the future of branch design.

“The intent of environmental graphic design is to inform, captivate and delight a person within a space,” says Brouillette, the senior environmental graphic designer at NewGround, a marketing agency in Long Beach, Calif.

The term was first coined decades ago — as early as the 70s — he says. But the use of this approach in branch design has become a particularly prominent trend in recent years.


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