Why overdraft protections are important to consumers

The attacks on legitimate financial services that many Americans rely on to make ends meet aren’t going away. As policymakers consider misguided proposals and rules under the guise of consumer protection, we need you to help set the record straight.

Programs such as overdraft protection are seen as a financial lifeline should things get tight for everyday Americans across the country. The CFPB’s overdraft proposal would take this option away from millions, forcing them into the hands of unregulated, predatory lenders.

That’s why we launched a full grassroots push against the CFPB’s overdraft proposal this week: to ensure the bureau understands the consequences of this proposal and the harm it will cause to consumers the bureau aims to help.

We need you to visit our Grassroots Action Center and use our form letter – enhanced with your perspective on why members choose to utilize these types of services – to raise awareness and bolster our advocacy on the issue. This type of overreach puts barriers between consumers and safe, affordable credit union services. America’s Credit Unions will always push back against bad policies like this as we protect, empower, and advance credit unions.


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