Why strong visual branding and communication are vital in banking

Banks and credit unions can strengthen awareness and engagement among both consumers and employees by using visual communication and graphic design to support brand identity, activate organizational values and deepen trust.

Financial institutions compete for customers’ and employee’s’ attention alongside advertisers, news outlets, social media and digital search. The pandemic only amplified the need for effective communication because it quickly shifted the points of engagement between customers, employees and organizations from in person, face-to-face interactions to more digital platforms.

Effective visual communication can help banks and credit unions capture their audience’s attention more quickly by connecting words and concepts. Using visual elements like video, images and graphics as part of their strategic communication plan can help marketers cut through the digital noise.

Support Brand with Visual Communication

Financial institutions should incorporate graphic design and data visualization into any form of strategic communication especially brand positioning and brand identity. Strong visual branding not only improves recognition, but it can also lead to an increase of traffic, sales and audience engagement. Companies overall estimate revenue increased by 33% if they maintained brand consistency, according to Lucidpress’ 2020 brand consistency report.


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