Why we are researching the future of credit union workplaces

Credit unions and community banks find themselves competing in an escalating war for talent as labor shortages intensify. Faced with unprecedented career opportunities, workers are putting serious thought into what they expect out of the working experience.

Employees are looking for opportunities that transcend “just a job” and instead offer purpose, responsibility, career growth, and, most importantly today, autonomy over where and how they work. They want workplaces that break out of rigid corporate molds and instead are more suited to their own workflows and personal preferences, and they want the freedom and flexibility provided by hybrid workplace strategies.

We find ourselves in a period of rapid change that will stand out in history as a major transformation in our working culture. The pace of these changes can feel overwhelming, and leaders are faced with new and unique questions that don’t have clear answers. But we’re making an effort demystify these trends, to understand what we know and don’t know, to find the questions that need to be asked, and to look for answers.


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