Why we love mobile device management (and you should, too!)

by: Matt Wilhelm

For starters, here is a refresher on what is mobile device management: Mobile Device Management, commonly shortened to MDM, is a software platform for managing mobile devices (mobile phones and tablet computers) that provides features such as remote mobile wipe, password policy enforcement, and encryption.

Even if you do not provide your employees with mobile devices, if you are allowing employees to access their email on their personal device or to log into your network, you are putting your CU at risk. BYOD in the workplace is becoming the norm, and the risk of data taken outside the workplace is increasing. And MDM is no longer a nice-to-have, but increasingly becoming a necessity.  Having MDM in place also ensure there is no gray are in your credit union’s use policy, especially since employers and employees have different expectations on the type of restrictions that should be applied to mobile devices.

Here are the top 3 reasons we love mobile device management, and why we believe your credit union should embrace it as well:

  1. Remote Wipe: Hands down our favorite and most important feature. Remote wipe is a security feature that allows your network administrator or device owner to send a remote command to a the mobile device and delete that data.  A remote wipe can delete data in selected folders, repeatedly overwrite stored data to prevent forensic recovery, return the device to factory settings or remove all programming on the device, essentially turning it into a brick.
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