Why Wouldn’t You….

By. Sean McD0nald

Interesting question.

I was speaking with one of the participants from the Credit Union Business Development Academy yesterday when this topic came up.  I started thinking that credit unions may want to consider building marketing/awareness/membership campaigns around that very question – “Why Wouldn’t You?”

Credit unions need to create more awareness – there are simply too many people that have no idea what a credit union is.

Credit unions need to build momentum in the communities and companies they serve – wouldn’t it be great if the credit union was recognized throughout your community or to get more than 10 or 15 percent penetration at SEG groups?

Credit unions need more loans – anyone who still doesn’t recognize why this is important just hasn’t been paying attention.

So let’s be straight with our members and potential members.  Let’s be blunt and to the point and ask them this very simple question: “Why Wouldn’t You…..?” Here are some questions to start conversations or to put on marketing materials:

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