Why you should embrace flexibility as a cultural value

The past couple years have been a case study in disruption, and one attribute that stood out among the most resilient organizations was flexibility. The shifts in consumer preferences and digital transformation didn’t begin or end with the pandemic, but were merely accelerated. Adopting flexibility as a cultural valuable can help your credit or community bank both endure short-term disruptions and thrive as the financial industry evolves.

The key to flexibility is investing in and empowering the people who drive your mission forward. Train them on your mission and values, give them the autonomy to solve problems on their own, and design flexible spaces that support them. Whether front or back of house, the financial institution employee of the future will no longer focus on routine tasks but instead be a dynamic problem solver.

This strategy not only makes your organization more resilient to change, it also helps you deliver excellent member experiences and gives an advantage in the war for talent by helping you attract, engage, and retain staff.

Building Resilience

When the pandemic closed branches, the way financial institutions delivered services transformed overnight. Branch staff suddenly needed to deliver services through digital channels. Operations staff needed to support branches and work with others across the organization from their homes.


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