Why your internal brand keeps getting bounced

“How to score a winning organization.” “The playbook for business success.” There’s a lot of sports clichés within the corporate world.


Quite simply, we’re fans. We understand that whether it be on the football field, the soccer pitch or the baseball diamond, there’s intense competition and strategy that will lead to a winner and a loser. In the “big leagues” of banking, we know who the top challengers are, and we want to score more runs than them (see what I just did there?).

While I’m a champion for community financial institutions across the country, I’m also the athletic director at my church. I’ve coached basketball for 6th, 7th and 8th-grade boys and girls for more than 15 years. My squads include kids who were cut by school basketball teams to those who picked up a basketball for the very first time.

It truly is a hodgepodge of talent. Perhaps not so different from your credit union or community bank. And while you may be expecting a tale of hard work and perseverance, I bet you can learn a lot about your internal brand culture from a youth basketball program down in Simpsonville, S.C.

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