Will your debit heat up this summer?

Debit drives PFI relationships. It represents a large and consistent source of activity and revenue. But could you describe it as a hot item at your credit union? Using portfolio analytics and a targeted marketing campaign, you could spark a significant rise in debit usage this summer – one that will continue well into the future.

How do you personally heat up your debit program? 

Taking an active role is the key. While there’s no question that members want and use debit, there is also considerable competition for wallet share. At the same time, credit unions don’t have unlimited resources to encourage low spenders and members who are slow to activate their cards. Targeting and efficiency are a must.

Credit unions that work with CO-OP for debit processing have access to its Preferred program, which combines the data insight of CO-OP Revelation portfolio analytics with turnkey marketing to create smart incentives for increased card usage and activation.

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