Workplace Insight: Employees want choice in the workplace

Your workforce consists of a diverse group of people who perform very different types of work, and as technology advances the nature of their work continually shifts. Where employees once performed routine task-based work they are now responsible for more dynamic and collaborative projects. One of the major consequences of this shift is that workplaces no longer support many people’s day-to-day work.

The credit union industry is no exception to this – through our research, including surveys of nearly 1,300 credit union employees, we’ve found that only 54% of employees perform most or all of their work in a single setting. Nearly half of the workforce is mobile, meaning they work from multiple locations, yet a staggering two-thirds of these workers don’t feel that they are supported in this working style from either a physical or cultural perspective.

These numbers represent a barrier to working productively. But as the current pandemic and shift to remote work has show us, with an incredible 43% increase in productivity, is that employees understand what they need in order to be productive. You can trust your employees to make choices around their workplace, an in return you’ll have a more productive and engaged workforce.

But how can you replicate this freedom and flexibility in the office?


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