Do your credit union members care?

The tree is down, the menorah is stored for the season, and you’re just about finished with all those leftovers.  It’s back to work, to the grind, as many would say.

Happy 2015!  You spent all that time in October planning to make this year ever-better. Goals are set. Initiatives are drafted. Marketing is tailored. All that’s left is to make it happen.

But wait, there is a potential issue. One which looms deep in the psyche of…oh it’s not that complicated! Here you go: Do your members care? Seriously, with distractions like the latest Terminator film trailer, the final Hobbit film, and the Consumer Electronics Show featuring drool-worthy products to come in the next 12 months; why would they care about your programs?

During the holidays, we spend time with friends and family. Conversations are unique to this environment. Despite your better judgment, nothing is off the table. Maybe it’s the free-flowing eggnog, I don’t know. However, for better or worse, every chat is interesting.

Which brings us back to your credit union’s 2015 plan. Goals aren’t sexy, but how you get there can be. Would your strategies merit holiday dinner table conversation?

Here are some off-beat ideas:

  • Easter Egg in your mobile app that randomly pops up a custom birthday message (and adds $5 to their savings account as your gift)
  • Adopting seasonally-appropriate characters to voice your phone system…I’d share if Dracula told me the local branch hours
  • E-mail or mail out a certificate commemorating CU membership on their anniversary

Sure, they won’t compare to Aunt Mae’s (fifth) retelling of when she met Mick Jagger in 1968, but, really, what could? Attention spans are short and expectations are high. How can you creatively connect with your members that will become their own oft-repeated holiday story?

Joe Winn

Joe Winn

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