You can get grandiose results with garden-variety data

Don’t be intimidated by the apparent analytic wizardry of market disruptors.

The hype around artificial intelligence and other neural technologies has spun up some pretty fantastic tall tales, a few scary enough to make a person want to drop completely off the grid (if that were even still possible). Expertly culled, National Security Administration-style data plays a starring role in much of the fiction about the ways companies profit from our most private information. But, if there’s anything my time at auto industry disruptor Carvanataught me, it’s that the data the world’s most intrepid companies rely on to change the world is rarely that melodramatic (nor that private).

In fact, a lot of the information sourced by today’s data-driven organizations is remarkably accessible, often even publicly available. Then there is the data most organizations already have within their shops but rarely use to its fullest potential. For financial services organizations, this includes information from sources like the general ledger, core processor, loan origination system and payments portfolio. Generally, this internal data has untapped potential because it’s often housed in silos rather than joined for a more complete picture of the end-user.

A clearer view provides credit union leaders with a multitude of strategic opportunities, from offering more relevant, personalized experiences to providing loans to underserved market segments.


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