Your 7-step guide to a digital account-opening system

Competition in the financial sector is fierce—not only from other banks, but also from the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google. These behemoths of technology—and, more importantly, the customer experience—are all looking to throw their respective hats into the financial ring.

So, when it comes to customer acquisition and onboarding, financial institutions must ensure they provide consumers with the seamless experience they’ve come to expect from every product, service and business they encounter in their daily lives.

For banks, that amounts to a digital, core-integrated account acquisition solution. Utilizing this type of solution boosts your bank’s revenue while providing a superior customer experience.

Revenue Growth and the Customer Experience  

Financial institutions increasingly seek to enhance relationships with existing customers through cross-sales. So, an account acquisition solution must feature both an enrollment site for new accounts as well as integration with a bank’s digital solutions to allow current customers a seamless way to add more products and services. And it must be available any time, via desktop, tablet and mobile device.


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