Your credit union marketing can’t be everything to everybody

“You can’t be everything to everybody, but you can be everything to somebody.” – Trent Shelton

A while back, flipping through Facebook Reels (those short videos that are seemingly provided at random) I stopped to listen to what appeared to be a band’s street busking performance. They were performing Cab Calloway’s 1931 recording, “Minnie the Moocher” in what appeared to be a neighborhood or town square.

An impassioned performance if there ever was one, but supposed street buskers, you hear as the lead singer strained and reached the sounds and notes with his voice and the uniqueness of his incorporation of a kazoo into the mix. As a fan of folk and roots music, I immediately checked the comments to see who these guys were and in what city they played.

It took a while to find the answers I had looked for. Many of the top comments were negative with condescending words about the singer’s vocals or even the use of a kazoo. Many were putting the band down or talking about their dislike of their music. The comments confirmed the old saying, “Everyone’s a critic”. Finally, I saw the comment I had hoped to see. This band was called Brothers Moving, based out of New York City.


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