Your marketing not to do list

We all have them: To Do lists. If you’re as anal as I am, you may even have multiple To Do lists. It’s not enough that I have a list of things to do at work, I also keep one for home, for weekends and for the kids.

And marketers are just as bad. We have lists for everything in marketing. We have yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily lists. We have short term lists and we have long-term lists. We things to do with marketing and we have the things to with branding. Yes, it can get ridiculous: marketing has too many To Do lists.

One list we might want to start keeping is a marketing NOT to do list. There are lots of things in marketing we shouldn’t be doing. Here are a few items you should NOT be doing in marketing:

  • Meeting all the darn time—If you are in marketing, you are in meetings. Don’t fall into the trap of letting meetings run your day and your schedule. Some meetings are important but most are not. Keep this simple truth in mind: when you are in a meeting you are not producing. And marketing is about producing results.
  • Spending too much your time in your office—Marketing is not a back-office position. You should get out of your office and visit with employees on the front line AND with consumers. Nothing gives you the feel of what is really important to people than talking with them. And marketing is about connecting with people.
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