Your credit union’s most important email marketing list

As marketers we understand the importance of visual appeal and the appropriate, enticing call to action for the audience in our presentation of information. We carefully craft each promotional piece, taking into consideration the distribution channel, market segment, and overall goal of the campaign. Our perfectly templated email marketing messages reach members by the thousands, touting our promotion with stunning graphics and crafty wording. And then, as we’re ready to hit ‘send’ and start tracking the success of open rates and clicks, we open a group email, fill it with paragraphs of text, attach some .pdf documents and send that to our fellow credit union staff… wait, what?!

If your credit union employee email list isn’t one of your most used email marketing campaign lists you’re missing a huge opportunity. This is your most vocal audience. These are the people that bring your campaign to life and give it legs and it’ll be pretty difficult for them to draw excitement and enthusiasm from paragraphs of text in a group email.

Adding an employee list to your email marketing client will allow you to send similar messages with appealing graphics and elements to your credit union employees as you’ve sent to the member. This presentation of information allows them to become intrigued and helps them feel the impact of the promotion. It also empowers them with visual cues that make it easier to assist members when speaking about the promotion i.e. “look for the signs with the red car and a small dog resembling a beagle for more information.”

Adding a CTA in these emails can also be very powerful. Social media sharing links can be hugely beneficial in spreading the word. At the bottom of your employee email, include a couple sharing options for popular social media platforms. With a little bit of coding these sharing links can be set up to share a link directly to the promotional page (you don’t want to share a link to the employee email obviously) and you can pre-fill the information that will be shared so it doesn’t require additional time from employees to create it. The best part, you’ve got instant social brand ambassadors.

There are other uses for an employee email list in which the additional graphics and appealing layout are beneficial. Creating excitement for the upcoming company party, announcing years of service or exceptional performance, holiday wishes, employee newsletter, new blog posts, and sharing member praise just to name a few.

If you’re not currently providing your employees with the same visually appealing messaging as your members, and you’re noticing they may not be as amped about a promotion as you are, try providing them this similar introduction to the materials as you’ve sent to your membership. Plain text group emails with .pdf attachments just aren’t the same. Encourage them to talk about it with the members and share it with others. After all, aren’t ‘word-of-mouth’ and social media posts becoming the same thing?

Make your employee email list your most popular campaign list and you’ll notice increased awareness and enthusiasm where the verbalization of the impact the promotion brings to the members and community matters most.

Penne D. VanderBush

Penne D. VanderBush

With over 10 years of experience in financial industry marketing, and former VP of Marketing for the largest state-chartered credit union in Vermont, Penne joined the FI GROW Solutions team ... Web: Details