Your part to play in growing credit unions worldwide

I took a week off recently. I highly recommend it.

The World Credit Union Conference (WCUC) had just ended and during downtime with my family in Vancouver, I paused to reflect on how many people had attended the event as a part of our global credit union movement.

My mind drifted to how many are not yet included in our great community, and my part to play in making that happen.

Because if there was one key takeaway from WCUC, it was that our movement’s collective mission of increasing financial access and inclusion has never been greater.

Tomorrow, 1.4 billion people will wake up without access to financial services. This is a basic human right that credit unions were established to provide—and through global cooperation, we can.

Members Helping Members

The Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions recently launched our Members Helping Members fundraising campaign.

This grassroots initiative is our way of celebrating the 75th anniversary of International Credit Union Day, and aims to help every credit union employee, advocate and champion play their part in growing credit unions worldwide.

And you get to have a little fun while you do it. A little cooperative competition … with prizes of course. 😉

Just head to the fundraising page, set yourself up as a fundraiser, and lay down the gauntlet to someone else. Ask yourself: Who can I challenge to a fundraising competition? It may be another team or department, another credit union, even League vs. League!

The idea is simple enough, but the impact is profound.

How far can $7 stretch?

When was the last time you got much change from $7 at a Starbucks? One sugary treat will keep you going for your morning commute, but it can change the life of a Venezuelan migrant, seeking economic stability and freedom in a neighboring nation.

Even in wartime, life goes on

Speaking of lifechanging, while the war in Ukraine rages, millions are left displaced, out of work, and looking for support. Just $75 raised for Members Helping Members can help Ukrainian credit unions develop strategies to serve communities in conflict.

Don’t focus on dollars, focus on impact

I could go on. $750 provides entrepreneurial training to economic migrants; $7,500 supports an entire financial inclusion project; $75,000 would launch multiple new digital lending platforms for credit unions in developing countries…

Financial resources are essential, but the impact is what matters. One member at a time. Members helping members. It’s bringing our cooperative principles to life.

Whether you sit in the c-suite, lead a team or are serving members at your branch, you are a part of this amazing, inspiring and transformational international credit union movement.

Let’s do global good together, as people helping people, as a movement.

Let’s celebrate the last 75 years of credit union impact and invest in the next 75 by becoming global champions.


Contact the author: Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions

Contact the author: Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions

Mike Reuter

Mike Reuter

Mike Reuter is the Executive Director of the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, the 501c3 charitable nonprofit that supports the World Council of Credit Unions in its mission of providing ... Web: Details