10 foundational CIS controls: Building on the basics

Waves of cybercriminals infiltrating networks and stealing sensitive information is a perennial problem. But implementing the Foundational CIS Controls to strengthen your organization’s security posture can keep you ahead of the risk and prevent minor security leaks from becoming a flood.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls is a cybersecurity framework developed by a public-private partnership between CIS, the SANS Institute, the Department of Defense and the National Security Administration to help organizations of all types and sizes prioritize their cybersecurity.

So, whether your organization employs veteran IT staff or uses outsourced cybersecurity and IT experts, these controls can guide IT strategy and decision making in all circumstances.

Implementing the Foundational CIS Controls

A recommended set of actions for cyber defense, the CIS Controls provide a concise, FFIEC-recommended framework that organizations can use to safeguard operating systems, software and networks. CIS Controls deliver an actionable and affordable way to defend against common attacks.


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