10 Irrefutable Laws of Management

Written by Anthony Demangone

My father majored in math, with a minor in physics.  If you know my father, you wouldn’t be surprised.  He loves order.  He’s neat.  He detests discord.  He obeys rules.  He’s faithful and dependable.  His choice of study fits his character.  There are rules that govern the world, son.  And you can’t argue your way around them.

And then there’s his youngest son, who majored in International Politics. And now, you could say that my career is “management.”  Not quite examples of a hard science, eh?

Oh, but you might be wrong.  For there are hard rules that govern management.  As clever as you are, as skilled as you are in rhetoric and debate, you will not escape them.

1.  An open calendar invites doom. Each morning, I glance at my master I-Phone to check my calendar.  Wow, I’d say to Mandy.  My day looks open and clear.  It is going to be a good day.  Never, ever utter those words.  While I am Roman Catholic, part of me wonders if the Greek system of Gods might be in play.  For I would not be surprised if there is the God Skedulis, the God of Outlook Calendars.  When he sees an open calendar without meetings, he smiles, winks, and then asks Zeus to launch a few lightening bolts into your day.

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