11 tips to effectively facilitate team discussions

As our businesses reimagine the way we operate in a socially-distanced society, we’ll be faced with tough conversations and difficult decisions about the best way to move forward. Leaders must equip themselves with as much information as possible, which means listening to your team, members/customers, health experts, regulatory agencies, and more.

In order to do this effectively, leadership guru Todd Ordal argues that facilitation is a skill leaders should develop and prioritize.

“Successful CEOs need a few God-given traits, some skills and the right behaviors,” Ordal writes. “General intelligence is good. Emotional intelligence is very good. Assertiveness, conscientiousness, communication, decision-making skills, and the ability to properly frame issues make my list when I consider the most successful CEOs I’ve coached.

“Facilitation, however, doesn’t often show up on the ‘best skills for CEOs’ lists. Unless CEOs structure a company where people all work independently and make unilateral decisions, they must learn how to facilitate successful team conversations.”


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