15 qualities of a great leader

Last week, I asked you to consider whether your leadership has gone off the rails as you work to guide your organization through the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s important for us to recognize the areas that we may have let slip as we’ve been overwhelmed by uncertainty and rapidly changing environments.

To follow up on that, I thought it would be beneficial to review some qualities of successful leaders. TaskQue writer Sarmad Hasan outlines the most important ones that separate the good from the bad:

  1. Honesty and integrity: These are qualities we’re taught from a young age: Tell the truth, and do the right thing even if it’s hard or no one is paying attention. They are also key to building trust and loyalty with your employees.
  2. Confidence: As I’ve said before, confidence is not arrogance. In leadership, confidence means decisive decision making even in tough times. It means recognizing your own limitations and lifting others up without fear or jealousy.


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