2021 Predictions: The road ahead for customer experience

The roller coaster ride of 2020 dramatically changed how we think about engaging and connecting. Businesses have had to rapidly adapt with new models, employees have adjusted to new ways of working and collaborating, and consumers have become more deeply entrenched in all things digital.

Like most people, we’re ready for a fresh new year. Time for our annual trendspotting on the road ahead! What will 2021 look like?  We think it’s all about Digital.

Here our Beyond the Arc team shares our vision on top trends that will influence customer experience in the new year.

7 Trends to Watch in Digital-first Customer Experience

2020 took the slow, steady, evolution of digital transformation and turned it upside down. Banking, retail, entertainment, restaurants and more learned that digital capabilities are about much more than differentiating — they help you adapt to overnight changes in consumer needs and market realities.


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