2022 Credit Union Diversity Self-Assessment results now available

The 2022 Credit Union Diversity Self-Assessment Results Report is now available.

In 2022, 481, or 10% of all credit unions, submitted a self-assessment. The figure represents an all-time high for submissions to the NCUA.

Of those submissions, 302 were federally chartered credit unions, 178 were federally insured and state-chartered, and one was a non-federally insured, state-chartered credit union. The number of CUDSA responses in 2022 was twice as much as the 240 self-assessments submitted in 2021.

The diversity, equity, and inclusion standards outlined in the voluntary CUDSA describe best practices for creating more diverse and inclusive credit unions. The self-assessment is an opportunity for the NCUA to learn about credit unions’ diversity policies and programs and their challenges, allowing the agency to provide effective technical assistance and resources to enhance diversity programs. It also helps credit unions assess, guide, and monitor their diversity-related efforts and compare their progress with peer organizations.


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