3 behaviors to stop

At all levels of our organizations – from the executive suite down – we’re feeling immense levels of stress. We’ve been working harder over the past six months to meet changing member/customer needs, pivot to more virtual offerings, and run as efficiently as possible.

In times of crisis, the sense of ownership and wanting to make sure the final product is perfect can take leaders and managers down the path to micromanagement. But this isn’t good for you – especially if your workload has increased – or your team who are capable of handling their responsibilities.

Leadership guru Dan Rockwell has a new post reminding overworked leaders and managers to stop these bad behaviors:

  • Stop doing people’s work for them. An employee comes to you with a question. How often do you step in to take care of it rather than offer guidance? If it’s a task or problem you’ve handled a million times before, you might think it’s easier and timesaving for you to just do it. But, even though you can handle it, your employee will likely feel defeated and lose ambition to tackle similar problems in the future. Fight the urge to do it yourself and give the employee an opportunity to grow. The lessons your teammate will learn while working through it will make them – and your organization – stronger.


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