3 considerations for virtual training to engage staff & increase sales

With many employees still working from home, there is a continued need to develop virtual strategies for ongoing learning and training opportunities. Aside from supporting employee development and success, adopting virtual training programs can help build remote employee engagement and motivation, while at the same time reducing training costs by as much as 30-50%.i

Here are three things to take into consideration when building an effective, dynamic staff training program in a virtual environment.

1. Diversify the Formats

Studies show that varying the method of instruction can help improve retention and recall of information, and enhance the overall learning experience. Offering a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools can be a great way to train your staff in a virtual environment, as long as these tools are leveraged in an effective way. Deciding which format to use – i.e. hosting a live workshop versus assigning an e-learning exercise – is best determined once considering how your employees may best digest and the information being presented.


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