3 everyday bad habits that your boss will notice


Sure, you may not be the very best housekeeper. The laundry may pile up or the dirty dishes may stay for days in the sink. How you choose to run your home is your business, but keep in mind that sloppiness is often a lifestyle that is apparent in your personal appearance. You may not care that your clothes are wrinkled or your overall look is disheveled but keep in mind others are noticing. If you project an image of untidiness and disorganization, others will probably assume your work is also disorderly, which is not a great way to advance within your organization.


There are times in life when you are able to get away with waiting until the last minute but more often than not, putting things off will hurt you in the end. If you decide to pay your utility bills on the deadline that is your choice, but procrastinating at work is a different matter. Be sure to separate this bad habit in your personal and professional lives. If your power gets cut off because you waited too long to pay your bill that will affect you. But if you put off a work project because you didn’t feel like tackling it chances are others in your company will be impacted. So, be considerate of your colleagues and hold up your end of the bargain when it comes to organizational responsibilities. Check out these three way to beat procrastination.


You may be habitually late when meeting friends for dinner or the last family to arrive at church, but when it comes to showing up for work, promptness is a priority. Some companies may be more lax than others when it comes to keeping specific office hours, but keep in mind that if you are consistently showing up later than others, you may be perceived as irresponsible and unaccountable. Make sure that you are present when necessary and that you arrive when it’s expected because even if you think you’re being sneaky when sliding in late, your boss is noticing.

Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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