3 Mother’s Day ideas that will arrive just in time

Well it’s almost Mother’s Day! You’ve got exactly 5 days to find that special gift for mom. You may not be able to go out and shop like you normally do, so I’ve found a few ideas that you should be able to have shipped to your house (or your Mom’s house for that matter) in plenty of time for mom’s special day. Here are three ideas you can start with as you begin going down the gift search black hole known as Amazon Prime

The Echo Show: Maybe your mom is already a pro at using FaceTime, but more than likely she holds the phone waaaaay too close to her face. I mean I’m sure it’s not just my mom. But regardless, If your mom loves being in the kitchen like a lot of mom’s do, The Echo Show is the perfect gift for your mom to stay in touch with her loved ones, all while whipping up a cake her neighbor’s birthday. It’s available right now for $79.99.

Custom Mother’s Necklace: These necklaces are customizable so you can give your mom a necklace that has you and your siblings’ birthstones, or you can add in all her grandkids’ birthstones as well. Moms love jewelry and you can basically make it look however you’d like it to, so she’ll definitely love something custom designed for her. The price varies based on what you design, but check it out right now starting at $39.00.

Something to read: If your mom is working from home right now, then she may have some extra time to read something like Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming (available right now for $11.89). If your mom is retired right now, then she definitely has time to read every book Amazon sells. Here are few Mother’s Day book ideas for your mom.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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