3 powerful credit union marketing ideas for 2018

Credit unions may not be able to compete marketing-dollar to marketing-dollar with megabanks—but, thankfully, they don’t have to. Sometimes simpler is better, especially if that simplicity reflects the powerful differentiators that set credit unions apart, like community, sharing, and service. The things that make credit unions unique can be used to successfully market to and attract new members in ways that would likely ring hollow from big banks. And many can be done inexpensively—as well as with a sizable ROI.

In this post, we’ll explore three powerful credit union marketing ideas that can set your credit union apart from the big guys.

  1. Host parties and events in the community

Credit unions are all about community, and nothing brings a community together like a party or other fun event. Reserve a park, fire up the grill or hire food trucks, spread the word to all your members, employees, families—and make sure you also advertise the event across marketing channels frequented by prospects. Extend special offers to participants, targeting specific products, and hold some contests.


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