3 Questions with Adlumin’s Jordan Gackowski

CUInsight Publisher & CEO Lauren Culp is joined by Jordan Gackowski, Senior Sales Engineer at Adlumin for a quick interview with just 3 questions about thwarting social engineering attacks…

Three questions:

  1. (0:40) What strategies can credit unions adopt to safeguard against cyber-attacks, such as phishing and pretexting?
  2. (3:41) How can credit unions ensure the secure storage and transmission of sensitive data, especially when collaborating with external partners and vendors?
  3. (6:39) How can credit unions leverage advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance their cybersecurity posture?

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Lauren Culp

Lauren Culp

Lauren Culp is the President & CEO at CUInsight.com. She leads the growing team at CUInsight, works with organizations serving credit unions to maximize their brand and exposure, connects with ... Web: https://www.cuinsight.com Details