3 really lame excuses to avoid making decisions

by. Sean McDonald

The most effective leaders in history have a lot of things in common. To name a few: a great work ethic, high moral and ethical standards, an understanding of the principle of accountability, the ability to assemble a team of close advisors, etc.

There is another that is sometimes overlooked. Nevertheless, it is always present. The most effective leaders aren’t afraid to make decisions.

Here are 3 of the lamest excuses that ineffective leaders use to avoid any semblance of making a decision.

The timing isn’t quite right – Human beings are imperfect. Therefore, we are unable to do anything perfectly. That includes making important decisions. If leaders continue to use this ridiculous excuse to “kick the can down the road,” what they’ll find is that the opportunity that they did have is now gone because they put it off while waiting for the “time to be right.”

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