3 services you should stop paying for

I’ve mentioned before that there are things you should stop paying for, and that list included a lot of “stuff”. But what are some services you should consider discontinuing? In this wild world we’re living in, it’s not a bad idea to save a few more bucks than you usually would. If you like the idea but need help getting started, here are three ideas for services you should stop paying for…

Pest Control: I hate bugs as much as the next guy, but if finding another way to keep those little buggers away can save me $320 a year, it’s worth exploring other options. A 1.33 gallon jug of insect killer is less than $20, so that might be the way to go. Now if your bug guy does stellar work like mine, you might not want to cut him out of your budget. But if you need to save a little, it’s definitely a good place to start. Spoiler alert: This recommendation is not for me.

LandscapingEverybody loves a nice looking yard. In the winter, it’s not really something you have to worry about too much. But spring is right around the corner, so you better get ready. Change the oil in the lawnmower and make sure your gas can is full. That is, unless you pay a landscaping service to do the work for you. I’ve never paid for professional landscaping services, but I imagine it’s not cheap. Cutting the grass is one thing, but when you’re dealing with leaves, plants, weeds, mulch, irrigation, and/or landscape architecture, it has to be costly. Although I hate wasting Saturdays working in the yard, it does feel good when you finish those projects on your own. Plus, you get to keep a pile of cash to go along with those piles of leaves you just raked.

Streaming Services: You TV fanatics are probably tired of hearing me talk about cutting cords and all that jazz. But honestly, if you haven’t figured out the benefits of streaming, then you’re missing out. I have way too many streaming services and I’m still probably paying half or less than what I would be with cable. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t save even more. The cool thing about streaming services is that they’re all available month-to-month, so you can literally find a service with a few shows you’re interested in, subscribe until you’ve watched everything on your list, and then switch to a different service the next month and enjoy a fresh batch of content. You can’t watch all of those services at the same time, so why pay for them all at the same time?

John Pettit

John Pettit

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