3 signs you were meant to be a leader

When it comes to leading others, not everyone has what it takes. Natural born leaders possess distinct characteristics that distinguish them from other professionals. Read the following leadership signs and take a minute and ask yourself: “Am I really meant to be a leader?”

You are truly empathetic
Looking at life from the perspective of others is a quality true leaders innately possess. It’s one thing to say you empathize with those around you and it’s another thing entirely to show true compassion and understanding. When you’re employees are going through a difficult experience, do you offer genuine and meaningful solutions?

You are open-minded
A natural leader accepts that not everyone they will manage will hold the same opinions and perspectives. While one employee may feel strongly about how a work project should progress, another worker may feel exactly the opposite. You are meant to be a leader if you not only recognize that those on your team will think differently than you and each other, but respect those varying viewpoints.

You are patient
It’s true what they say: “Patience is a virtue.” One of the truest signs of a natural leader is their ability to be cool when things get rocky. No workplace is free from challenges, but what matters is how leaders represent themselves to their team. If you are able to stay collected in the face of struggle and guide your staff to conflict resolution, you have what it takes to effectively lead others.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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