3 Steps to a Tidy Home Lending Strategy

By Wallace Jones

With home-buying season upon us, it is time credit unions tidy up their home lending message so they can hit the ground running as demand begins to increase during a traditionally busy season. Making your message clear and concise will not only neutralize the competition’s efforts to lure members away, but will ultimately result in long-term business.

A vast majority of consumers have little-to-no idea of the benefits credit unions provide for home loans. It’s up to your team to deliver that message to enhance your brand and ultimately contribute to your portfolio. Start fresh and sort out your efforts to ensure the proper tactics are in place to achieve maximum growth.

Step One: Education

Education is two-fold. Make staff training a priority and educate them so they know when and who to refer to your mortgage department. Ensure all staff is knowledgeable in how a member can contact a loan officer, where a member can apply, and how to look for a member who might be interested.

Educating your members is also crucial. Today, they have more questions and are seeking more information prior to even considering the option to buy. Make sure you are a leading resource of information. Some ideas might be to host home-buying and credit score seminars, and to include more info on what to expect when buying a home in your brochures and flyers.

Make sure you have plenty of information available for members and a staff that knows how to refer them to your loan officer.

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