3 ways your credit union can be more engaging like Pokémon Go

If you have an internet connection, you’ve heard of the wildly popular mobile app Pokémon Go by now. Developed by Niantic, Pokémon Go lets you use your smartphone to virtually catch Pokémon by physically exploring the real world. Because of nostalgic, smartphone-welding millennials, Pokémon Go exploded almost overnight, becoming the biggest mobile game in U.S. history and boasts over 21 million daily active users.1

Here are a few ways your financial institution can be learn to be more engaging like Pokémon Go:

  1. Mobile is where it’s at.

Did you know that 92 percent of 18 to 34 year olds in the U.S. have a smartphone?2 Not only that, but collectively, Americans check their smartphones over 8 billion times a day.3

That’s why Pokémon Go as a mobile gaming app works so well. Consumers, millennials in particular, are constantly on their phones. If this game had been designed for hand-held gaming devices instead of mobile, Niantic would have severely segmented their intended audience. The same can be said for banking.

It’s time to embrace mobile. By being where your cardholders are, you’ll be more in tune with their banking needs and better equipped to meet them.

  1. Change to meet demand.

Like most apps, Pokémon Go is constantly getting updated to fix glitches and improve the gaming experience. Considering the disruption facing the industry, financial institutions should have the same mindset on how they approach consumers.

Try new methods to appeal to your audience. Adopt new technologies to promote your products and services. Don’t let your institution fall behind by ignoring digital trends.

  1. Keep it simple and make it fun.

While the concept of an augmented reality game might sound complex, the Pokémon Go user experience is very simple. Someone with no prior knowledge of Pokémon can easily download and enjoy the game in a matter of minutes. Make banking at your financial institution the same through gamification.

By gamifying the banking experience and rewarding your cardholders’ loyalty, you’ll not only boost engagement, but encourage desirable behaviors and increase transaction volume in the process. It’s a win-win.

According to the Performance Against Customer Expectations (PACE) Index, financial institutions globally fall short of expectations in areas most important to consumers.4 Mobile banking is a perfect example. Did you know that 44 percent of banked consumers with smartphones have adopted mobile payments and 84 percent of those have used mobile banking in the past 30 days?5

The numbers are clear. If you’re not innovating, you’re being left behind. Embrace digital opportunities to build relationships and engage with your customers. You might just be surprised at the results you find.




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Melany Maurer

Melany Maurer

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