3 ways to get your credit union back-to-school ready

The opportunities offered by the back-to-school season are not limited to the classroom. While students and teachers may be the ones feeling first-day-of-school jitters, the influence of this season extends far beyond the schoolyard and into everyone’s lives. The start of the school year and turning of the seasons represent a fresh start and a reset for people of all stages of life to finish the year strong.

But something is missing from this season that students, teachers, and lifelong learners alike need to finish their year better than it started: financial education. That’s why the back-to-school season is prime time for credit unions to fill this gap in their communities and foster financial empowerment for their members.

Use these 3 key takeaways to get your credit union back-to-school ready and prepare your community for long-term financial wellness.

Use back-to-school momentum for year-round education

The new school year serves as a timely reminder that financial literacy is seldom prioritized in most states’ school curricula. Of the 23 states that have legislation requiring students to take a semester-long personal finance class in order to graduate, only 8 states have fully implemented these policies. The lack of standardized financial education in schools exacerbates the financial literacy crisis and contributes to the gradually plummeting financial confidence rates.

Credit unions have the opportunity to fill this gap and provide the financial wellness resources students need to start building healthy financial practices. While financial education should be considered year-round, the back-to-school season is the perfect time to dive into the spirit of new opportunities with your education offerings. Aligning marketing promotions and program updates with this season maximizes back-to-school momentum.

Moreover, a new school year can bring in a wave of new learners to energize your community through the rest of the year. Establishing financial education as a priority for the new school year can help empower those aiming to achieve tangible financial education goals, bringing in more engagement for your programs.

Expand your reach across generations

Although only a portion of your community may be physically going back to school, most everyone can connect to the feeling of change that pervades this season. People of all ages and stages of life often use this time of seasonal transition to reflect on the year gone by and the changes and improvements they hope to make before the year’s end. Credit unions can harness this shared spirit of learning and self-improvement to engage a broader audience, showcasing the value of financial literacy as a long-term priority that extends beyond graduation.

While engaging with schools and students is an undeniably important part of the back-to-school season, don’t forget to engage with those outside the confines of the classroom. Utilize the momentum of the season to reach people across generational boundaries with the tools and resources they need to achieve their financial goals.

Find community partners

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel on your own — leverage expert insights and community relationships to build an impactful back-to-school program with ease. By working with education experts and partners in your community, you can lean on their wealth of knowledge and experience crafting campaigns for your specific community to maximize engagement on your initiatives.

Building relationships with experts and community organizations will also help you far beyond your back-to-school campaigns — they can be partners and resources for you year-round. They may also help you make further connections in your community by leaning on their existing relationships with other schools, organizations, and more.

As back-to-school excitement fills the air, credit unions are positioned to make a lasting impact on their communities’ financial well-being. To learn more about how you can make a difference this school year, register for Zogo’s webinar featuring education experts, or contact us through the form below!


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