4 key pieces of advice from Warren Buffett

We each have our role models that inspire us to reach for goals and be the best version of ourselves. Among leaders that are most looked up to, Warren Buffett is at the top of many lists. Buffett is almost synonymous with success, but there’s more to it than his investment strategies.

In a recent Inc. column – shared with me by my father-in-law Earle Keirstead (who is always sharing great pieces with me) – leadership expert Marcel Schwantes highlights four principles from Buffett that distinguish people who get things done from those who simply dream of big accomplishments. The key, Schwantes says, is “act[ing] on them with positive intent.”

  1. Pick your friends wisely. In one of my recent blog posts, I warned against the influence bad employees can have on the rest of the team. We mirror the behavior of people around us, so why would you surround yourself with friends that limit your potential? Common interests and values are what bring us together, and, as Buffett has said, “it’s important to associate with people that are better than yourself.” By doing this, they’ll motivate you to be better.
  2. Go to bed a little smarter each day. Curiosity and continuous learning are key characteristics of great leaders. No matter how busy your schedule is, set aside time to read about the things that will strengthen your leadership and make you better at your job. And encourage your team to do the same.


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