4 leadership habits that turn good into great

What separates good leaders from great leaders can be something as simple as the habits we form. This is good news; habits can always be changed.

John Eades, author, podcaster and CEO of LearnLoft, lists four habits that can move leaders from good to great. His list includes:

  1. Cultivate a positive morning routine. “Your morning routine is instrumental in how successful a day you will have,” writes Eades. I begin my mornings on the treadmill and catching up on the latest news. Most importantly, Eades says to be consistent in what time you get up and how you spend your mornings.
  2. Have an optimistic attitude. Things don’t always go our way. “Having a sunny outlook on life every day is a choice,” Eades writes. “Implementing a sunnier disposition will quickly become habitual when you realize the weight it carries.”


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