4 leadership tips from the Fast and Furious franchise

If you’re an action movie junkie like me, you may also be looking forward to the latest release from the Fast and Furious franchise. Well wait no longer, because it’s out today! These movies revolve around high-speed car races/chases, heists, and a diverse group family of characters involved in wild (and often illegal) activities. While the films may not be a direct handbook on leadership, they do offer some insights and lessons that could be applied. Here are a few leadership lessons from the Fast and Furious films…

Trust and loyalty: Trust plays a crucial role in the relationships among the characters in the movies. They have a very close family and trust and loyalty are highly valued. As a leader, building trust among team members is essential for effective collaboration and achieving shared goals. I’m not telling you to rescue someone you barely know when they’re running from the cops after an illegal street race, but look you’re all grown-ups, you do you.

Versatility and resilience: The characters in these movies often find themselves in high-stakes situations that require quick thinking, adaptability, and toughness. They demonstrate the ability to improvise and overcome unexpected challenges. Leaders can learn the importance of staying calm under pressure, being adaptable in the face of change, and inspiring resilience within their teams.

Leading by example: Throughout the movies, Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto displays strong leadership qualities by leading from the front. Dom sets an example for the others through his actions, courage, and determination. Leaders who lead by example and demonstrate integrity are more likely to gain the respect and trust of their team members.

Building and leveraging relationships: These movies emphasize the importance of building relationships and alliances. Characters often forge partnerships and collaborate with others (even those you would never expect) to accomplish their goals. Developing and nurturing relationships both within and outside your organization can lead to growth and success.

If you’re heading out to the movies this weekend, enjoy yourself and maybe don’t let Fast X influence the way you drive home afterwards.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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